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Workshops - Term 1 2023

Writing for Wellbeing Room 9

Thursday the 07th of November. Time 12.30-2.00

Write to support your wellbeing. This workshop aims to foster a positive writing approach and inspire participants to cherish even the smallest blessings in their lives.


Colette’s Conversation Class Exam room

Thursday the 22nd of November. Time 10.30-12.00

We’ll work on alphabet sounds, some rhyming words and then let’s have a chat.


Saving The Planet

Room 12

Thursday the 29th of November. Time 9.30-11.00

Learn about carbon literacy and how to reduce your carbon footprint.


Energy Saving Advice

Room 12

Thursday the 27th of November Time 9.30-11.00

Learn how to reduce your energy bills.


Money Matters Exam Room

Thursday the 30th of November. Time 12.30-2.00

Learn how to budget and save money.


Film Friday Exam room

Thursday the 01st of December. Time 11.00-1.00

Join us to watch a thought provoking film on sustainability. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore a greener future.


Introduction to jobs in education Room 6

Thursday the 05th of December. Time 3.00-5.00

Discuss and learn all about the jobs available in education.


Finding and getting a job

Room 6

Thursday the 07th of December. Time 3.00-5.00

Improve your CV , apply for jobs, write your personal statement.


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