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Curriculum Intent

Our Mission is to support and develop learning communities to promote economic well-being and social inclusion.

Our curriculum intends to inspire learning, create opportunities and change lives by being responsive to the needs and aspirations of learners, employers, and the wider community. Our curriculum intends to engage, prepare and progress learners with low-level skills and confidence and those most distant from the labour market into further and higher-level learning and employment, facilitating social mobility and supporting the most disadvantaged of Stockport’s residents.

Our Curriculum Design

​Informed by the economic plan, local needs and aspirations, the design of our ambitious curriculum is 
to be progressive, integrated and cyclical.  This thematic model allows us to provide challenge, 
retrieval, and progression through the levels with a clear line of sight on preparing learners for global 
citizenship; to succeed in life beyond the course, both socially and economically. As a result, we have a 
vibrant, well-sequenced, coherent curriculum that leads to clearly defined endpoints.

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