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Committed to a Greener Future

Stockport Continuing Education Service

In a world increasingly focused on environmental preservation, Stockport Continuing Education Service stands firm in its dedication to sustainability and the carbon-neutral mission set forth by the Council's Stockport Economic Plan. At the core of our commitment lies a holistic approach that extends far beyond mere words, as we actively integrate sustainable practices into every facet of our service.

Meeting the Carbon-Neutral Goal:

Our journey towards sustainability starts with adhering to the principles outlined in the Council's Stockport Economic Plan. We have set our sights on becoming a carbon-neutral institution, aligning ourselves with the global effort to combat climate change.

Reducing Environmental Impact:

One of our primary initiatives is to reduce paper usage and embrace digital alternatives. By doing so, we minimise our environmental footprint and reduce waste, while also facilitating a more efficient and modern learning environment.

Promoting Recycling:

Recycling is a key aspect of our sustainability efforts. We've implemented comprehensive recycling programmes within our facilities to ensure that waste materials are disposed of responsibly.

Sustainability Week:

To further instill a culture of sustainability, we host an annual Sustainability Week. This week-long event features a variety of workshops and activities that foster awareness and engagement. Our students play a central role, as they lead workshops and discussions on a range of topics, including veganism, health and wellbeing, henna art, herb cultivation, and the science behind the greenhouse effect.

External Collaborations:

In partnership with various organisations, we organise external stalls during Sustainability Week. These stalls include clothing sharing initiatives to support women with interviews, Make Good - Make, Building Crow CIC - Stockport, and the Job Centre, which promotes green job opportunities. A 'bring and buy' stall is also set up during this time, with proceeds going to charitable causes.

Year-Round Commitment:

While Sustainability Week is a highlight of our sustainability calendar, our commitment to a greener future extends throughout the year. We actively engage in the promotion of sustainable practices and encourage our students, staff, and the wider community to embrace eco-conscious choices.

We recognise that climate change is the defining challenge of our time. As an educational institution, we believe it is our responsibility to equip our students, present and future, with the knowledge and passion to be advocates for climate action. We are resolute in our dedication to sustainability and committed to the ongoing journey of making our service as environmentally responsible as possible.

Stockport Continuing Education Service, guided by the values of a sustainable future, is taking the necessary steps to secure a greener tomorrow, for our students, our community, and the world at large.


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