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Employability Fair Success – Skills and Creativity Shine Through

Updated: Apr 17

Last week's Employability Fair at Daw Bank was a resounding success! We were thrilled to welcome a diverse range of employers from our community, all eager to connect with talented job seekers and future employees. Beyond promoting traditional job opportunities, this year's fair had a unique twist – a showcase of our English language learners and their skills in action..

The main hall was buzzing with the energy of job seekers exploring booths, networking with company representatives, and attending helpful workshops. Employers were impressed with the level of preparation and enthusiasm from the candidates and many potential connections were forged. It was inspiring to see the fair facilitate real pathways to exciting employment possibilities.

The Power of Language and Performance

A highlight of the fair was undoubtedly the English language learner showcase. Their performances not only demonstrated their linguistic progress, but also highlighted key creative skills.

  • Communication: Effective delivery and clear pronunciation demonstrated strong communication skills.

  • Confidence: Performing in front of an audience showcased confidence, adaptability, and a willingness to step outside their comfort zones.

  • Creativity: The plays themselves, especially those with original scripts, highlighted the students' creativity and problem-solving abilities.


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